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Hualapai’s to Mexico

Five Months June- August 18
November 10, 2014
Well I get frustrated, I am finally trying to update and went back to my last posts, not only the last one I did didn’t show up but the one I only had on Word is gone, so bear with me as I try to update for the last 5 months, but who’s counting? It will be full of events and try to bring you up to date.
After we got set up in the mountains, my friends in Kingman, Susan and Janet asked if Caesar and I would baby sit there two chihuahua’s, Natasha and Natalie, after one look from Caesar I knew we had best do it. It would involve staying in their home and enjoying their hospitality. They had several trips planned to California while Janet was job hunting so we would spend a lot of time there over the summer, was tough, home with a garage a nice kitchen, real bed, hot tub and two playmates for Caesar. The dogs got to go to the doggy park on a frequent basis and they all became best buds. Sometimes at night I would find one sleeping on my face while the other two cuddled at my feet. Was awesome, we also borrowed the quad which in the times when we weren’t there we got to go riding in the mountains, and Caesar loves to ride. Alas too soon the summer would be nearing the end and we needed to get back to La Paz, hurricane season starts in earnest mid to late August, so by the middle part of August we were heading toward San Diego to pick up some needed boat parts, visit friends Mike and Geri Sue with their dog Charlotte for a few days and then to Mexico.
We left San Diego mid August heading south, was stopped at the border for a cursory inspection by a friendly Mexican customs lady, who after saying hi to Caesar decided we were ok to go. We were bound for San Quintin, some 200 kms south of Ensenada. You may remember some of the toll road to Ensenada collapsed last year after a minor earthquake and construction is ongoing so we needed to detour inland to catch the free road which is a little longer, but very scenic. We didn’t stop in Ensenada this time even though we love that city, but pushed on grabbing a little fuel first. Arriving in San Quintin we found a little inexpensive motel with secure parking, albeit no air conditioning there were good fans and we were quite comfortable. We found a little roadside restaurant for a seafood dinner and just managed to be the last customers before they closed. A little dog there tried to befriend Caesar but he wasn’t real excited about it so we didn’t push, eating and letting them close the restaurant.
In the morning we fueled and headed for Santa Rosalia. We arrived in good time, so fueled up again,(I like to keep the tank fuller than emptier in Mexico, because sometimes Pemex may be closed or out of fuel), and then pushed on. I knew of a little bar and restaurant where we had stayed with the Californios on a bike ride, and thought we would camp on the beach there as I had done before. We arrived around 5, went in for a cocktail, they have a big friendly dog there and an unfriendly parrot so Caesar was fine with the dog. They asked where we would spend the night, and when I commented that I thought we would just camp on the beach, they offered a house which they normally rent for $75 US, to us for only $400 mx, with a/c and it was now very hot now. Didn’t take long to make that decision, so they made me a big fresh fish sandwich on a bun with all the fixings for almost free, and some wine, love Mexico. After a good nights sleep we had breakfast and headed to La Paz. Of course there was ongoing road construction just past Loreto where there had been an avalanche starting when we were there with our motorcycles, so we were stopped while they got the road passable for us. Then to La Paz, after a lunch stop in Constitution for bierria (Mexican consomme/beef soup), it is delicious and filling, also very cheap. But more construction before La Paz, the worst, and it was about the last 20 kms or so. We still arrived in La Paz in good time, getting a chance to catch up with our friends Jim and Lynda on Gael Force, (Caesar spends a lot of time with them) and the latest gossip. Then it was time to get back to Toloache and start cleaning and organizing. We needed to get the lines down that we had put up for Pelicans etc. etc. Will end this here, continuing to the hurricane in the next post.


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