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Three Harley’s and a Kawasaki or a girl and three guys

A few weeks ago I mentioned to the guy that puts our rides together about a new paved road I had read about in the local English paper (publisher from Brandon Manitoba 45 miles from where I grew up), the Baja Citizen. It was going off the Number 1 highway in the Baja, towards a ranch near the west coast on the Pacific Ocean, didn’t seem to end up anywhere but maybe a small town.  We decided to give it a try, & if no restaurants we could come back into El Centenario to eat.  That day we would have 2 guys riding Harley’s one gal riding her Harley and one guy riding a 2 cylinder Kawasaki. We are all retired seniors, the over the hill Hells Angels if you will. We set off on Valentines day around 11, I was leading because I had kind of an idea where the turnoff was, Robin was behind me, then the other 2. Traffic was the normal for Highway 1, wasn’t too long before we got to the turnoff, it would have been easy to miss, as the road just didn’t come to the highway, there was quite a drop off of gravel before the pavement, gotta love Mexico. Onto the road heading southwesterly, it was a good paved road, no shoulders  of course but I set a pace of about 60 mph, because of desert both sides and open range for livestock, i.e. burros, cows, goats or horses. Fortunately we saw none, & no traffic coming or going for a round trip of around 50 miles, wow a new road, no traffic, 2 sets of workers doing some work on the side of the road, they cheering us on, when we arrived at the little town of Conquista Agraria, the pavement just stopped and then it was dirt. We could see a little tienda down the road about 150 yards so we rode to it, there being a big shade tree across the street, which we parked under, to drink some cold beer before heading back into town to eat. The ride back was equally uneventful just gorgeous scenery, no traffic, and new pavement. We ate at a new little restaurant that one of our group had eaten at before, the food was awesome, I ordered a pork shank which came with all the sides so I was stuffed, was delicious, spicy but not overly so. I think the price was 100 pesos or about $7.50, and I had a ticket for the Valentines dinner later that evening at La Costa, where I had preordered a shrimp pasta dish, well I was stuffed again, lots of walking coming up.

Yesterday was the Valentines day sailboat race, there 12-15 boats entered in many different classes, wind was forecast to be light and you can see by the picture at the start line, there was hardly a ripple in the water. It took us awhile to cross the start line, but as we did the wind started to pick up. We have raced this before and taken 4 hours, but today we would finish in 2 hours and 20 minutes, the course is a little over 8 miles so not breakneck speeds, but we finished. We finished 3rd in our class, but we didn’t get to use the spinnaker due to some crew and boat issues, the others in our class were flying spinnakers on the downwind leg. Caesar worked so hard at it yesterday, that today it is afternoon, and he has slept all morning, not yet going out to potty, the poor guy is worn out, course there was a little 8 week old cocker spaniel to keep him entertained (bothered), he accepted her until he could find a place in the shade to rest and hide from her. There was also a little 5 year old girl that wanted to play with him, I had to leave his life jacket on as he did once threaten to get out on the foredeck to find a safe spot, and there isn’t as much room along the sides to run as there is on the trawler. He did manage some rest though so he really isn’t that hard done by.

Coming up the end of the month is Carnaval, I am really looking forward to that, I think it is 6 days starting on 27th of Feb. There are parades on the last 3 days, I guess security is very tight, the main street is closed, so it should be a big party. Right after that I leave to fly to Bullhead City for a week, so it will be a busy end and start of a new month. Caesar will stay here to keep things under control here, when he’s not resting. Everybody thinks I give him drugs, he is so laid back and well behaved. He did have a bout with both ticks and fleas this month which rather annoyed us both, but we survived it, glad we have a vet that he loves. Well I must get back to polishing stainless, ah boat maintenance, just doesn’t seem to end.



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