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Christmas lumps

Well the video on you tube wanted to put in every video I had made, about 34 to be exact, and the quality of the one I wanted had been way downgraded, will just try again another time, have a Happy New Year.


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Pulled Pork and Pickles

ImageLots of parties and food happening here. Generally someone finds an excuse every month or so for a dock or some other kind of party. This one was a dock party in marina Don Jose, where I just left, organized by Alex & Sue on Maitairoa, it was on the Sunday night before Christmas. I made, but actually cooked the pork in the slow cooker on their boat the night before, it cooked all night in the slow cooker, (I would have had to run the generator all night) and I know the neighbors would not have been happy. So in the morning I came ashore & added more onions & the sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce. It is scary simple, but really tasty, I have been asked a lot for the recipe. I cooked 4 pounds of pork and it was all gone before I got there. Then on Christmas eve there was a Club Cruceros pot luck, hors d’oeuvres only, so I made some home made garlic dills a few days ahead of time, several quarts but only took one quart to the event. Was to be enough for 10 people, thought for 10 that would be sufficient, glad I had an extra quart in the fridge, cuz they were gone too. Christmas eve I went to a Mexican families home for dinner at 10, it was very quiet and very nice, I didn’t cook, and the food was awesome, roast pork, mashed potatoes, gravy, plum sauce for the pork, and Mexican soup, and a little wine, I was stuffed. Caesar had a sleep over on a friends boat where he has ingrained himself, Jim, Meri, and Carolyne on Hotspur. Sometimes he gets a little spoiled. Christmas day I went to a friend’s house for fresh lobster salad and hot fresh nut and cranberry bread. Stuffed again, had to leave too early to get back on board, the wind was picking up, and we ended up with a wet ride back. When that happens Caesar lays down on the floor, and I cover him with a foul weather rain jacket, he stays under cover until we reach the boat, which takes around 20 minutes when it’s blowing. He hates wet, hates cold, is real happy to get out of the dinghy bouncing around and back on board to at least warm bouncing.

The mooring is ready, but because of weather conditions is still sitting in the water at the dock, he can’t float it until there is some calmer weather. I will try and attach a link to the wave conditions, Christmas eve, forgive me if it doesn’t work.

I was leaving the dinghy dock a few nights ago and someone from the other dock hollered, hey is that Caesar? Yes I said, “oh yeah remember we met you last year in Barra Navidad, they remember him, me as kind of his? But at the end of the day he knows where he wants to go home to. This is not the first time this has happened, as he is very social, with 2 or 4 legged people, he doesn’t discriminate.

Last week I went to get my Mexican health insurance, cost a little over 1800p for a year, and that covers prescriptions and some dental work. Now I need to go for a physical and get cholesterol drugs, blood pressure is a lot lower here.

Caesar is also feeling better now, he had an incident earlier this month where he had chewed a piece of gristle off a raw bone, and got it stuck in his lower intestine. I didn’t know what was wrong, but he was not feeling good and had been throwing up, I knew I had to get him to a vet, so I took him in. She took him in right away, and said he was in a lot of pain, said he was constipated but wasn’t sure that he didn’t have something caught in his stomach and we contemplated x-rays, but opted for pain medication and a stool softener. He felt better the next day, because of the pain meds, but still wasn’t right. The following day he passed the problem piece and quickly started feeling better. I took him back for his check up, she said he still had some pain and to watch him close, but by the next day he was fine. She made sure that I was to stay in touch with updates by email. Total cost including drugs, pain medication and doctor visits, etc., 302p, apx $23.

And today, boxing day was my Dad’s birthday, may he rest in peace. See you all next year.

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ImageImageIt had to happen sooner or later, I looked to port and turned he jumped up on the starboard tube and just kept right on going into the drink. When I looked back he was gone, sure enough overboard, this time because we were in the dinghy he had his life jacket on so stayed afloat, didn’t go under water, but the down side was he had to be cold inside the life jacket until we got to the boat, about 15 minutes. Then because there is no hot water on the boat now as we are at anchor, he had to have a cold water shower, was a nice warm day though so after his shower he dried quickly. And no he still climbs on my lap in the dinghy but stays off the tubes, he is a fast learner.

This picture was taken after he saw someone else have a Pitaya daiquiri and he felt that he should have one too, at least a virgin one.

Well you see there have been a few changes, I needed to move off the dock was just costing too much money. As with anything there are some downsides as well as upsides. Down, is cold water, no electricity, except to charge batteries and then it entails running the generator, hauling water by jug, (I have a water maker but not so good in the harbor), it can be rough due to wind and wave action which is happening now (we won’t leave the boat today), and of course everything you need to eat or drink, or repair things with has to be hauled by dinghy out to the anchorage. On the upside though, it is cheap, a small fee to the harbormaster, 300p for the dinghy dock, 340p for vehicle parking, it is quiet & private, fewer interruptions when you are trying to get a project done. It can also be scary, a derelict boat dragged anchor in front of me the other night and someone saw it, warned me and came to help, so we managed to re-anchor it with a different anchor and move it to another location. Glad I have a big outboard on my dinghy for that.

I had bought an existing mooring from a person in the anchorage that is leaving, so I paid a diver to go & inspect it to see if it was ok and would handle my boat, all could be worked out and then a few days before I was to occupy I found out he had sold it to someone else for more money. What a flake there are some people here that are not exactly trust worthy, I’ll be glad to see him leave the anchorage. I had already given my notice at the marina, spent money on the diver, so then I needed to scramble for a replacement, someone knew a diver that builds moorings & would do one for me, and also had one I could use until mine is done. So now I am on his mooring while he builds mine, which takes about 3 weeks as the concrete needs to cure before going in the water. I have been scrambling to find rope, chain, and hardware to attach everything from the mooring to the boat. Total cost will be around $1000, which will almost pay for itself in 2 months, and I am on his mooring at no cost until mine is finished, hopefully sometime next week.

On Thursday night this week, I got the opportunity to see the Los Angeles philharmonic choir in concert at the theatre here. It holds over 1000 people and was sold out, there are no bad seats. We were in the balcony center so it was awesome, a lot of Christmas music in English. Much of the Christmas music that is played here is in English, even in all the stores, although there is some Spanish too it is really nice. They have also done a lot of decorating here both commercially and residentially, Christmas is a huge celebration here, and  has now started, will carry into early January. I have been invited to a Mexican family home for Christmas eve, dinner is served around 10 pm, many don’t eat until after church, at midnight. I think I will be the only gringo there so must really work on my Spanish between now and then.

Well I just put in a picture of the anchorage from where I am at now, which is close to downtown, in front of Laura’s restaurant and Marina Cortez, however the picture was supposed to go here, you can see where it ended up, I hate this program.

I am now also operating without a battery for my computer so it is a pita if you know what I mean. Now I must run my inverter and keep the computer plugged in to use it, but on this old machine it isn’t worth buying a new battery for.

Must run, somebody else is dragging anchor, but I think it is the other side of the anchorage I need to keep a watch out, and maybe see if I can assist. Have a Merry Christmas if I don’t talk to you sooner.

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