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Maintenance and Motorcycle Rides

October 2013

Starting to get settled back in, darts on Tuesday & Friday nites at 7:30 at Cio MolinaLa Paz 012, Wednesday dancing is about to start at La Costa restaurant. Band starts at 6:30 finishes at 9:30 to let people get home to bed! Cio Molina is a block towards downtown across the street. It is an Italian restaurant & bar with dancing Friday and Saturday nights going from about 10-2 or 3 am, & is very crowded. We have been quite disappointed many nights with their service & pricing so may change our darts to La Costa. La Costa is a Mexican restaurant on the beach the other direction a block. It is across the street from Bandito’s which is a popular Mexican hamburger restaurant open in the evenings. La Costa hosts a lot of events for the cruisers but is also very popular with the locals as well. Caesar is allowed in and they are always glad to see him, he is generally on his best behavior, there is no fence or wall between the restaurant & the water so you can walk across the beach & get your toes wet.

The first weekend in October there is a ride to El Triunfo. This is a little town in the mountains south of La Paz that is more like what we would know as a ghost town in the rest of North America. It used to be a gold mining town, and at one time had 10,000 residents, the biggest town in the Baja. It was also the richest, many people had pianos imported and music teaching was a big thing to the wealthy, today they have a piano museum them which I still want to visit. It is rumored that during the revolution many of the people buried their pianos rather than let them be damaged or stolen. Today the town is also famous for a pizza restaurant and bakery started by an American that has a wood fired oven and bakes fresh bread daily that is delicious, some with nuts & cranberries, and then also roasts a turkey for sandwiches on the nut and cranberry bread with cranberries in the sandwich and a side salad. Very large delicious lunch, I still haven’t had the pizza, always end up with the turkey sandwich.

Time to get the outboard in the water with the dinghyImage, now that the other engine is serviced and Caesar and I both want a ride, so in they go. As we are about to head out I realize I have my wallet in my back pocket, but check and its ok, I have a Velcro sticker on it. Out we go for a little ride, the new prop works good, we head out to Seamentress, visit for a few minutes, head back, stop at Jim & Linda’s boat & home. I realize I am going to need to change the water pump impeller as it is only putting out a weak stream of water. Another new project to add, that evening we were going somewhere so after I changed my shorts I looked for my wallet, quickly realizing I last had it in the boat, must be in the dinghy. Nope, sorry, it’s gone! And because I finally got organized a few weeks ago and instead of cash loosely kept in one pocket, credit cards and drivers license and Id in another, now it was all nicely together in a wallet, in one back pocket. About 7000 pesos, ($550 apx), and all the rest of it gone, which was my slip rent money, etc. I offered a reward of 3000 pesos, some divers went looking but nada. At least it wasn’t Caesar or I that went overboard, so time will get us through the loss, along with multi phone calls and emails to reproduce everything & get it to Mexico.

On the weekend we ride to a little town to the northwest which is San Juan de la Costa. It is a little town that has one restaurant, a good road to it, on the Sea of Cortez & a mine for something used in fertilizer I believe, but not Potash. It is shipped by water to? The little restaurant caters lunches for the miners, they just sign for it. The day we were there the special was Chinese food, 60 pesos including lemonade, & desert. The food was excellent & the service was great, a nice out of the way non touristy place. Then it’s time to get light up for the dartboard, we’ve made the decision and have moved our dart game to La Costa, lower drink prices better service and they are happy to have us, even bringing complementary hors douvres for us, what a nice change.

Now it’s time to get the outboard out of the water, change oils, charge the battery and replace the impeller. I get it up on the aft deck of Toloache and start taking it apart. I also hook up the battery to the motorcycle charger to see if it won’t come up, the engine wouldn’t crank with it so I had to pull start. I need to find a filter, get oils, and change fluids which I do first while the engine is warm. Then the next day I start to drop the lower end to get at the impeller, this is all new to me & I don’t have the shop manual for this engine so I must be careful & observant. There is a little roller pin that holds the shift rod together that of course doesn’t want to come out, so with a hammer & a little borrowed tool I get it out, but I can see it’s bent now. I get the lower end off and sure enough the impeller has a few broken blades so no wonder it was only pumping marginally well, now to find one of the same size. I start with the closest marine store across the street & continue on, I walk to several with no joy, (there is no Tohatsu dealer here) eventually I come to Lopez Marine, and they say no but will look, seconds later he says I think I have one. We look and it even had the Tohatsu part number, $18 dollars, what a bargain, now I just need to find a pin to replace the damaged one. After much searching, I have no luck with that so end up using a 3/32 cotter pin, which I am told will do the job. When lifting the engine out I had the lift webbing slip & broke off the fuel line connection in the front of the engine so must find that also. I mount the engine back on the boat, hook up the battery, pump the fuel line bulb, which leaks of course, but hit the started & it starts! However at speed it quits as it’s getting starved of fuel because of the broken connection. I must get the new part from Tohatsu, or find a used one. I check at Lopez, they don’t have but are ordering parts that day, so have them order me that part as well, should be here within 10 days. In the meantime before mounting the engine I have pulled the boat out on the dock & cleaned the bottom. Now we hurry up and wait.

This week I start helping with coffee at the club on Thursday mornings so I need to get there about 8:30 to have that ready for 9:30, it takes awhile to brew 100 cups. We will start taking turns to be the early bird there to get it started.

Today Caesar had a bath & got his hair trimmed on his face & a little off his ears, he was dragging them in the water when getting a drink. I still need to trim his toenails, which he would just as soon pass on but needs it done anyhow, probably tomorrow.

Must run see if I can publish again, with the 2 pictures, they are back in, & will bring you all up to date with the next one which will come out soon! Until them, stay safe


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Settling in La Paz

href=”https://dicktripp.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/la-paz-021.jpg”>coffee & cribbage coffee & cribbage[/caption]

It’s time to get a little more organized, I have been a little remiss in giving you the dates of the goings on, so I will try & correct that & get this in some kind of an order, so we can all better understand.

That being said,  I arrived back in La Paz 9/6/13, after leaving Sonny’s house we headed for the marina. It was hot & humid of course, but it was good to be back. The boat was very hot, but at least we had a nice breeze & being out nearly the end of the marina we were getting it from off the water.  It will be an early night tonight , snacks for supper, & even though it is dart night at Cio Molina, we crash early. It’s good to be back home, we are both happy to sleep in our own bed.

We will listen on the morning net & check in that we are back in town, kind of lets everyone know who is coming & going. It also gives all the cruisers & expats an idea of what’s going on, where, problems, lost & founds, trades to clear out the bilges or add to. It’s also a good place to find crew. It’s all done on VHF radio & managed by a net control person every morning except Sunday. I was net control on a regular basis last year in Barra. After that about 9:30 it’s time for coffee at our Club Cruceros, where we donate 5 pesos for coffee & cookies or cakes or? We can also get Mexican flags, burgees, hats & shirts, get & leave books, exchange CD’s from our extensive library of movies. This lasts for an hour with people visiting meeting new & old friends, & is also 6 days a week, sometimes on an almost regular basis there are several tables of cribbage going on 2, 3, or partners. If the weather is bad, sometimes these last into the afternoon, but not often.

Dave and I in Cabo
On the weekend I get an email from my sister in law in Airdrie Alberta, her and my youngest brother Dave are going to be in Cabo San Lucas this week and invite me down. I guess I didn’t wear out my welcome at their place this summer after all. In any case I haven’t got Mexican Insurance on the bike yet, so I must do that before I can go. Of course I must also find a home for Caesar, the plan is to ride down one day spend the night with them & their friends who I had met at the party this summer, then ride back the next day. I found a spot for Caesar where he has spent some time on Jim & Linda’s boat, Jim spoils the heck out of him & he also dotes on Linda, they would love to have him. So it’s set, the insurance comes through & I ride to Cabo on Wednesday afternoon. But I take a wrong turn & ride the scenic route, which takes much longer, then I have trouble finding access to their resort as its way back off the main road, and difficult to get to. By the time I arrive, they are getting worried whether I have had trouble or not, I miss the free cocktail party & they know that is not like me, so they are really worried, but I do arrive. In spite of it all we have a nice dinner and spend a nice evening, the next morning we spend pool time with some beautiful views & nice water. It’s good to relax again before I need to get back to working on boat projects again. In the afternoon, it’s time to get the Harley back on the road, back up to La Paz. Of course I get the short road going back & even with a stop in Todos Santos I am home in good time and Caesar is happy to see me.
Now it is time to get to work, get the truck unloaded & sorted a bit, get an air conditioner installed on the boat that I brought down, the heat & humidity are very high, we have a large fan in the aft stateroom that oscillates though so that at night it’s not completely unbearable. The air conditioner in the aft stateroom quit & apparently the repair didn’t fix it. Must add that to the list. A boat in the water is an ongoing list of projects, my list is on 2 pages of a yellow pad now. I need to serviceserviced & ready & get the diesel running to make sure all is well there, & that project in itself takes about 2 weeks of wrenching, changing fluids, adjustments that were past due, i.e. valves, equalize the batteries, clean all electrical connections etc. Next up is to get the new refrigerator installed, and I make a deal to donate it to the electricians family in exchange for him helping me hook it up. We do that but of course nothing is easy, the doors need to be reversed, now the freezer is leaking air into it, so that needs to be adjusted & or weather stripped.
On the weekend I clean up the bike & take a ride to the beach at Tecolote for a beer, it’s about 15 miles away at most. Would like to have taken Caesar but I have just now figured an easy way(I hope) of mounting a seat for him behind me, by removing the sissy bar completely & adding the same box he used to ride in on the quad. His seat belt will fit in there & he will be quite secure, but I haven’t told him yet. So nobody let the cat out of the bag so to speak.
This week I start to do a little shopping to stock what I don’t have on the boat & get what I can in the reefer, not so much in the freezer though. The air conditioner gets installed & that’s a relief, also get an e from Sonny, with the Harley, his friend Henry is back from Canada and are going to ride on Saturday. We set up a time and place to meet and 5 of us ride to La Ventana. It is a little town on the east coast of the peninsula and the plan is to have lunch there. They have an excellent fresh fish lunch for only a few pesos, we sit & visit for awhile, then take a different route back. Fun ride, Caesar stays with Jim & Linda again, and I arrive back around 4. this brings us to about the end of September, so will start to update the goings on in October shortly. Till next time

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San Diego to La Paz

San Diego to La Paz.

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San Diego to La Paz

Loaded the motorcycle early this morning, cleaned the boat a little for Lori, she had been so kind to let Caesar & I stay there, but it was time to move on. We fueled by the Marina & headed to the 405 south. We were expecting to catch up with Mike this morning & return his fishing rods & reels to him. They had been on the boat since they crewed for me, I had been hauling since Mazatlan, they might want to use them. As I was nearing San Diego I hunted for the lighting store on the GPS, but of course they had moved, fortunately only up the street, so I was able to find them, & now to park pulling the trailer. I found a spot, quickly got the lights, they knew exactly what I was looking for, so that only took a few minutes, by now though my phone had been turned off AT&T, so no phone service. I needed to contact Mike, & the lighting store allowed me to use their phone, kind of strange borrowing a telephone anymore, but it was a local & Mike answered, we decided to meet for breakfast/lunch, he was less than 10 minutes away. We had a nice breakfast on Mike, thanks for delivering the rods, win, win for us both, now to the border & Ensenada. First I needed to stop, print a copy of a sign & mail it in to the parking lot people  in LA, that had thoughtfully given us a ticket for overnight parking in their lot. When I complained in the morning, the law enforcement personal explained to me that they had missed posting it on that sign, & if I was to send a picture of the sign, the ticket & an explanation it would go away.parking lot sign Well I decided to stop at Chula Vista Marina, they were kind enough to have me e them the sign pic, they printed it, then sent it off to the Harbor department, hopefully that is behind me. I headed to the border which is only a mile or so from there, & crossed.

Then I knew I must stop to declare at least some of the stuff that I had with me. It was a young guy, I explained to him about the new Honda generator, the refrigerator, & the air conditioner. He looked at my TIP, (temporary import permit), & then asked about the 2 cases of wine. I mentioned to him about the power cord which was about $80, but he really wanted to talk about the wine, said I could only bring in 6 litres duty free, which was 8 bottles, then he said, was the rest of the stuff in the back personal stuff, I said pretty much. So then per his calculations I was over the wine limit by 16 bottles, which were originally $2.50 chuck, but after, ready, 97% its not a typo, 97% duty, they came out to be $3.75 buck chuck. Still a good price, & it stopped him from going through the rest of my stuff & the truck, I was happy to pay. After the hour or so at the border, I still need to get on down the toll road to Ensenada, which was a little over an hour away, & find a motel for the night.

I was proceeding southwest through Tijuana, on a 2 lane road at about 80 kph, with high concrete sides, (right beside the US/Mexico border) when in my eye & the rearview mirror I saw something black go flying through the air behind me. I quickly had an idea what it was but couldn’t stop as there was no spot, traffic was still moving, & it didn’t appear to be a hazard, it was a fender that  flew off the trailer. My first opportunity to stop & pull over was just past the toll booth, which was exactly what I did. Sure enough the right fender was gone, but no damage to the bike, the truck or the trailer, it had broken off the mounting at the bracket that mounts to the trailer. Wow this trailer was something, I had only used it for about 500 miles.  The other one was still intact so I headed on, good thing the lights were not attached to the fender.

On arrival in Ensenada, I went to the motel where we had stayed before when we came down last year, but there rates were about $150 a night, & I wasn’t spending that so I went looking. Even at the motels that had rooms to rent by the hour & a real cheap nightly rate, they turned me away as soon as they saw Caesar, after 10-12 motels, I was getting a little frustrated to say the least when one of the motel folks suggested one just around the corner, aptly named the Ensenada Motel. Sure enough, they had a room at a very cheap rate, a pool, free internet, fenced parking with a guard & would welcome Caesar. If they were to advertise this they would be full all the time, & it was not a long way from the marina & downtown. There was a friendly little bar & restaurant about 1/2 a block away, life is good again. This is Mexico, time to start relaxing & being patient, its all here, you just need to find where it is.

Up early this morning, will get fuel on the way, & breakfast later. We want to make Guerro Negro in good time today, then it’s not a bad drive to Loreto tomorrow. The road is good, we make good time, traffic not to heavy, later in the morning, I stop for a short rest & to check that all is well, Caesar wants a pit stop so we stop at a spot along side the road. He hasn’t been travelling as well, normally he loves to travel but not this time, he’s depressed & grouchy, I believe he is missing the other dogs where he’s been the last couple of months. He does his business & we walk back to the trailer, what’s this? A fender has just started rubbing on the tire, a few more miles & we may have blown a trailer tire. I take a hold of the fender to straighten it but of course it breaks off in my hand, same place the other one had. Hopefully the 3/4 inch sheet of plywood that I put on will hold this thing together until we get to La Paz, & still about 1300 kms. to go, of Mexican roads after a rain storm. At least I don’t have to worry about it taking out a tire. That night we stay in Guerro Negro at the same place as before, & again I’m the only guest, the bar serves me, dinner special is a nice fish platter, & very inexpensive, then off in the morning to Loreto. No stopping this time in Santa Rosalia, just on through. We find a little motel in Loreto near where we stayed last year but less than 1/2 the price, pretty basic though at about US $20, walk down town, & order a pizza delivered, no wine, so we’ll enjoy it in the room, with a soccer game, & internet. The pizza is excellent, delivered for free, a glass of vino tinto, life is good. We’ll arrive in La Paz tomorrow, barring any problems in real good time, its only about 350 kms from here. Oh, oh, roads washed out bridges gone, slow going, we are in no rush, so we just keep moving forward. It’s not until we are about 50 kms from La Paz when we meet a bus, then I realize we haven’t seen any on the road, then the trucks start, & its continuous from there on with busses & trucks, I guess because of all the washouts, they had been restricted, which meant we didn’t need to deal with them, normally the drive takes a long time because of them. We only had to deal with many washed out bridges & roads, but traffic was real lite, that’s the way it is after a heavy rain.
I have contacted a friend in La Paz that also has a Harley, where I can leave the motorcycle & trailer until I get a spot at the marina, so we stop & unhook the trailer in his yard happy that it will be secure behind his fence with his young Rottweiler pups. Stop for a couple of beers, then on the last 20 kms into La Paz & the boat.La Paz 013As soon as Caesar gets out of the truck, I have a new dog, he realizes he is home & is very excited, on the walk in the morning his tails wags from his ears back, he really has missed this place, is a whole new dog! Will try & bring you more up to date, next time.

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Bullhead City

Hi all, sorry about the confusion on the last posts, I think Denver to Cortez is actually to Bullhead City, in any case hopefully everybody sorted it out.

I arrived at the home where Caesar & his buds were guarding, I probably don’t need to tell you, but he was some excited to see me, & me him. I think for the first week, he was back to following me room to room, just to make sure I wasn’t slippin out again. He allocated himself a safe spot on the table that holds the lamps behind the couch when I left. His buds were Dan an older Rottweiler who just tried to ignore him because Caesar barked at him, Mollie an older Irish Setter who tried to just stay away from him, and Gypsy a 22# crossbreed who was very stocky &  kept sticking her nose into his ribs wanting to play. Occasionally they would play & run tearing through the house. There were also a couple of cats thrown in the mix, just to keep everything on an even keel. Now you know why the safe spot was so important to him.  Feeding times could get pretty crazy. He really liked Emily a high school senior that was real attached to him also. In fact he was so attached to them all, this was the first time I have ever travelled with him when he was very depressed.Image And he was for 4 days, until we got to La Paz, then everything turned around, he just loves La Paz, & the boat. The sights & smells he just can’t get enough of. He loves to keep the seagulls & pelicans off the dock, once he has done that he runs to where he knows the big fish hangout, & when they come to the top & make a splash he chases them too, as far as he can.

While in Bullhead I had an opportunity to ride with the HOG chapter from Mother Road Harley Davidson in Kingman. We were to ride to Flagstaff on Saturday morning, ride to up to the ski slopes where we were to catch the lift to the top. Alas, on the ride to Flagstaff we encountered rain, & then a nasty hailstorm before more rain. One of the guys got hit with a hailstone & thought he had broken his nose. It was ugly riding with the hail, truckers, & no place to stop. We finally did get stopped for a short break to let the worst pass, then into the Harley dealership about 20 miles west of Flag. It was about to rain more, so we decided to have some lunch before proceeding. Lunch was a kind of prepare your own, whether it be a sandwich or bbq a burger. By the time we had eaten, the rain had passed, but it didn’t look like we were going to get our cheeks on the peaks today, not with the lightning still in the mountains, they had closed the lifts for the most part. So on to the Motel 6, but they weren’t ready, so the only choice was to hit the local Walmart, we needed adult beverages for the evening anyhow. By the time we arrived at Walmart, the rain was starting again, perfect timing. And so it was, shop, then back to the motel, check in, cocktails, conversation, then walk to a nice restaurant next door for dinner. By the time we were finished, many crashed, some went dancing, to the Zoo(a local country bar) I was tired, & went to bed.
In the morning we all went to out for breakfast before heading up the mountain, for our summit ride.

Thin air

Thin air

It was really nice going up, but I would sooner have skied on snow down, than ride the chair lift down again, There were huge drops beneath your feet, & it was almost a 30 minute ride down, I was ready to get off. Soon we were on our way home, & we took as many back paved back roads as we could to miss the interstate, we headed first toward the Grand Canyon, before turning south to Williams, for a lunch stop (really need to be able to eat) then it was on old route 66 & back to Kingman & Bullhead City.
Now its time to get started to prepare to head south. I have made the decision to take the Harley with me as I will be staying in La Paz this winter, so I will need a means of transporting it unless I am going to bus back up. After some research I find a sale on a build it yourself trailer from Harbor Freight for about $250 on sale. Off to Vegas to pick one up, also a wheel chock for the bike, then home to assemble (some assembly required). After the first day of construction it occurs to me that I have duplicate parts for one side, but nothing for the other side. Harbor freight says they will mail the part out in a week to 10 days, that won’t work, so back to the store in Las Vegas, they have an open box so out comes the part I need, also exchange the wheel chock as its too small for my front tire, back to Bullhead (only 3.5 hours & $50 round trip) for further assembly, I finish putting it together & decide I need to check & adjust tires for air pressure, one has none, so I add air & leave all till morning, I still need to install the plywood for the floor anyhow. In the morning I have one tire down about 25 pounds, & realize there is a slow leak. Thinking bad bead or valve stem & decide to have it repaired locally, but when I get to the tire shop he airs it again & puts it in his tank, lo & behold, there is a pinhole leak in the sidewall of the tire. Its not repairable, so another round trip to Vegas, the store manager make the comment, “well it seams to be holding air now”. Had to bite my tongue not to share my thoughts with him, in any case they give me a new wheel & tire & I’m back on the road again to Bullhead. Install wheel, get plywood, install, mount the chock & all is well.
It is getting closer to leaving time, I have had such great hospitality, complete run of the house, & best of company, but its time. Caesar is in no big hurry but we must head south to La Paz, hurricane season is now & I need to be there to make sure the boat is secure. Today I load the truck, will load the Harley in the morning. We get an early start, we are going to stop at Marina del Rey in California to see Jim, my friend that we sailed with a lot last season. He is the guy that puts on the adult puppet shows. We will be able to stay on his friend Lori’s boat while there for a couple of days. When we get to the marina, he is ready to set sail for an afternoon of sailing, one look at Caesar, ask him if he wants to go for a boat ride & we’re ready. It’s a nice little cat, which I’ve never sailed on before, so new experience. We drop the dock lines, & soon are underway out of the marina. Caesar is grinning from ear to ear, he loves boats so is soon comfy & having a nap. We haul up the sails, kill the engine, but with little wind, we just ghost along. We are in no hurry, we are just sailing, no particular destination in mind. Soon we are laying on the fordeck, sipping a couple of cold ones watching the dolphins play in out dual wakes. Soon Lori comes by on a friends power boat, they have been out fishing, but its also time for us to head back to the slip, was a non stressful afternoon. Jim & I decide we need to take a ride tomorrow, he has an old 1970 series BMW that is in good shape , so we will ride up Rodeo Blvd to the restaurant where Jay Leno rides his bike to for lunch. Now I must get the Harley unloaded, Caesar is going to stay with Jim’s girlfriend, so he’ll be happy. Its later by the time we get away, so Jay Leno has been & gone, we did however see quite a site by the ocean. As we were riding down the street by the beach the traffic was barely moving, & I see a young gal coming towards us, looks like she is topless with just the tiniest bikini on her bottom, as she gets closer she throws open a little kimono, & we realize she is completely naked, & wanting a ride. We moved on as fast as traffic would allow, oh California! The next day I was to head across the border, after stopping in San Diego for some light bulbs for friends, & to meet with Mike who had crewed for me with his wife in Mexico. Must run, post this & continue with the next one to La Paz from San Diego.

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Denver to Cortez Co


Well looks like I managed to get one picture in. It also looks like if I want to do more than one I need to upgrade to the tune of $100 per year. Can someone let me know if I am wrong or what I need to do to insert more than one pic.

In any case I leave this morning from Crossroads Co, its where I ate last night after finding the B&B, they had a nice little bar & pizza restaurant, I had a chicken salad, which was excellent. (love good salads, must have been the farm/grazing background) Today I will do another good day, 333 miles & cross the Great Divide at Wolf Creek pass. Last time I crossed was circa 1991-92, when my son Ryan was behind me on his Honda 750, I was riding the Wing & towing a little trailer when I developed a high speed wobble in the front end, at speed, brings shivers to my spine as I write this, Ryan just knew I was going down, so backed way off, managed to get it under control & slowed down.  We stopped at the first opportunity, but never did find out what had caused it, never happened again.Image

Bedroom of B&B. In any case it does come to mind today as I start down the pass, this bike has more load in comparison, not towing though but it has now decided to rain. I’m into raingear, no place to stop, & I can see this won’t be just a little shower. Nothing to do but carry on down, man it out as it were, but its cold & wet. So down the mountain we go, seems like the Harley is protesting too, but probably just my imagination, Cortez isn’t that much farther past Durango, & Durango is very touristy & pricey, we forge on, it takes another 45 minutes to an hour, but here is Cortez. Would have liked to stop at a cabin at one of the KOA’s but they are now as pricey as a cheap motel room, & most don’t have bedding or in room baths & showers, I don’t want to make camp in the cold & rain so I find a motel at a decent rate, the rain has now stopped, quick dinner at a little Italian restaurant & its an early night.

I fueled last night as today will be a long day in excess of 400 miles, much of it through the heat of the painted desert & then through Flagstaff & down. The painted desert through the Indian Reservation is absolutely gorgeous with all the different colors of rock, but no time to slow. I stop in Kayenta for breakfast & more fuel, little Indian restaurant, big breakfast, easy price. Then climb back on, fire it up, will be a quick run to Flagstaff from here, little traffic, good highway & you can see for miles, unleash the horses & ride. Tires are good, she’s running well, if all goes well, we’ll make Bullhead tonight.

Nice & cool through Flagstaff, get fuel, no time to dally, now I’m on I-40, speed limit even for trucks is 75, so no choice but to keep the speeds up, this highway is loaded with 18 wheelers, weekend drivers everybody wanting to get home or away, so a quick run down the mountain & across the desert for the last fuel stop at a Petro east of Kingman, no more rain now, just hot hot hot. Arrive in Bullhead before sundown & get out of the heat, will see Caesar tonight, the friends where he is staying are expecting me, next up, Caesar & Bullhead City.

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Sturgis South

Sturgis to Bullhead City


I don’t rush away this morning, as I need to break camp, load the bike check tire pressures, fluid levels, & most importantly say by to my new friends nearby, in the campground.  Some of them are wild & crazy like the 2 girls from New Jersey, they trailered their bikes in & did a lot of riding while here, one riding a sportster, the other one on a heritage, in any case they needed to share their boobies with me before I left. So they did, I have the picture in the camera, and have finally figured out how to insert pictures, after my last failed attempt, but I suspect these blogs are g rated I won’t publish the pics. That was the only one I had for this session however I have some for next time in Bullhead, more pics & a ride to the top of the state. Finally I managed to get the bike loaded, now I was thinking about holding off leaving a day or so, but time to move, inspite of it all. Around noon I headed in towards town & the road southeasterly to Rapid City, from there I would turn directly south, before heading west into Hot Springs. By the cloud build up it looks like rain again, but the way the clouds are building it is moving fast to the north. Stop at a gas station, buy a bar, & sit in the shade, talking to some other bikers who are heading to Sturgis, in about 20 minutes it passes, & I head south. In Hot Springs I again negotiate for a room, at a decent rate & then to a quaint little bar/restaurant for supper. Early night tonight as I want to make at least through Wyoming & into Colorado before stopping tomorrow night.ImageThis was taken in the lobby of a B&B I stopped at past Denver, in a little place called Pine Grove Co. Hopefully this one picture will get in, I have a 2nd equally nice of the bedroom, a gourmet breakfast was included, was a very nice quiet place in the mountains & very inexpensive.

I am going to try to publish this now, if it works I will just continue with another one, if not I will redo it all, bye for now.

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