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Settling in La Paz

Settling in La Paz
March 31, 2013
Well it is good to settle for awhile in one place again, & of course there is not much not to like about La Paz. It is a quiet city but there is always a lot going on, especially with the cruisers. People arrive daily from Mazatlan & the Sea of Cortez, & they are leaving daily. In between, darts are Tuesday & Friday nights a week at Ciao Molina, dancing Wednesday nights at La Costa 6:30-10, with 60’s & 70’s music. Coffee & cookies every morning from 9:30-10:30 except Sundays at Club Cruceros for 5 pesos; monthly sailboat racing & on it goes. My boat is in a quasi slip in the marina Don Jose, next to 2 railway tracks that they use to haul the bigger boats out (ones that have too much beam to fit in one of the two travel lifts. Several times they have been unable to launch or haul because the tide is too low for the draft of the vessel, always an interesting situation. They just hauled what I thought was a big Canadian boat for engine repair (it had been towed in), it was a 57’ wooden boat with the square rigging. When it came out of the water, we realized it wasn’t in for engine repair, as there was no engine! The guy had single handed it from Victoria BC, without the benefit of radar or chart plotter etc., now I know why I get extra crew & keep a sharp lookout 24-7 when on longer passages. From where I am sitting, I can also see the big Canadian boat (120’) that sank while I was here the last time. She has been refloated & I guess waiting on insurance/legal issues before repair. Her name is Temptation, & is flagged out of Halifax, she had been for sale, now I don’t know.
Bayfest is coming up in a couple of weeks, where the cruisers get together & party, play games, volleyball, cards, dominoes etc. & raise money for the local community kids, just like at home, except this is mostly on the beach & in the bar/restaurant. The next one is in Loreto, the first weekend in May, my friend Jim on Ann Marie is the opening headline there with his Roy Orbishark puppet show. He is in town here now, & coming to dinner with Caesar & I this evening. His girl friend is arriving from the States next weekend, & so is bringing me spare parts to repair my outboard prop. The last time it was head repairs, & Jim brought them. I repaired the head yesterday, it would flush, but you just needed to add water, as the incoming part was not working. Much better than the overboard part not working if you know what I mean.
This morning on the way to coffee Caesar spotted a couple of small manta rays mating in the bay beside my boat. That was something to see, they were both underwater, about an inch or so below the surface & about a foot from shore. They were sure churning up the water, for 2 sea creatures that were about 12-18 inches in diameter. After that, coffee was kind of dull & boring. Spent the rest of the morning driving Jim to get pictures for his FM-3, alternator repair, phone update etc., then we stopped for lunch at a new Mexican restaurant, we ordered 3 fish tacos, & he added an empanada order for us to share. We had enough food to feed an army, but it was delicious. Will try & finish the leftovers for supper tonight.
Caesar’s hair is finally growing back from his embarrassing poodle cut in Barra. He is much happier now, & having to get daily combings. Soon he will need to have another bath, which I will give him this time, that way he won’t be blaming me for something I didn’t do. At least if it’s wrong, I will be the one to blame.
Busy now practicing for Bayfest, last week played Bocce ball, one of the gals that is very good asked if I would be her partner, I didn’t realize she is so good, & has won in the past, & me a new player. Oh well we practiced & won all of our games, I seemed to take to it pretty good, it is a lot like curling as far as aiming & getting the right weight. Who knows we may do all right, I know we’ll have a lot of fun. It is played on the beach in front of the bar/restaurant next door. So far there are only 4 players signed up for the cribbage tournament, hope a lot more sign up.
Jim’s girlfriend Sandy came in yesterday, so they are off tomorrow for the islands & Loreto, he will continue on to San Carlos. Tonight we are off to some other cruisers for dinner on Maitairoa, sounds like” my tie rowa”. It is Alex & Sue & they are in the slip I was in before I left here in November. Tomorrow I will repair my outboard prop with the nylon screws that Sandy brought in. I will drill & tap it so the bushing can’t spin. She also brought me in dried dill weed & seed. Went to a doc party last week, & I did pickled carrots, but had to borrow dill weed. Now I will have a try at garlic dills, can’t wait, & by the way the pickled carrots & onions turned out great.
Jim & Sandy left today, that leaves Caesar & I to fend for ourselves, I am going horseback riding in the morning, haven’t been on a horse for several years when I rode one of Petra’s horses that used to work with us. That was at least 6-7 years ago.
On Wednesday I will have a go at drilling & tapping the prop with the nylon screws that Sandy brought me. Hopefully at least it will work for a back up prop. A new one here is around $200, so will wait until the US to buy one.
Time to publish this or we’ll get mail wondering what’s happening. Talk later, Caesar & I.


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