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January 1, 2013

Secret  anchorage, Cuastecomate

After we checked out of Nuevo Vallarta marina, a real pleasure after Mazatlan, we nothing but positives about the marina & staff & manager, we left for La Cruz. We thought we might stay until today, but after arriving & spending one night at anchor, we felt ready to move on. Jim on Anne Marie, was going to be in Melaque for NY eve, so we thought it was time to head south. First thing the next morning, we upped anchor & left the anchorage. By 0730 we were steaming south, Ceasar  happy to be underway again. We had spent the prior evening with Rick & Lynn on La Vita, & they ordered in pizza. We drank some of there wine & had a nice evening, catching up.

Crossing the bay we sighted Humpback’s several times, one time with at least 100 dolphin. What a sight! We rounded Cape Corrientes early in the day, only picking up an extra knot of current, with following seas. We sailed into Punta Ipala around 4 in the afternoon, & after anchoring went ashore for a bite, a beer, & a spot for Caesar to stretch his legs.  While removing his life jacket, (we had rowed a kayak in) he got loose & took off.  He had a good run & then realized where his next meal was coming from & came back for his leash. We had dinner on the beach, huge meal with beer etc., for 165 pesos tip incl., then the bride & groom showed up for the wedding, we headed back to the boat after a beach walk for the kid. The music went on until around 3:30 am. One other boat at anchor. We set sail early again the next morning,  we wanted to get as far as Bahia Chamela.  Put out the fishing line today but by noon had no takers. I had a couple of bollios planned for lunch but turned out they were stale, so broke one up & threw it overboard after eating a sandwich. I guess that was the needed enticement, cause by 12:30 I had a hookup with another Dorado.  I managed to get him to the boat with Caesar’s encouragement, & landed him! Was another 44’ one, wow that’s a big fish. After getting underway again I got out my Christmas present from C to me, a new fillette knife, & proceeded to skin & fillette him, not having any refrigeration,  I put the fillettes in the cooler & threw the carcass overboard, but the new knife made in China for Rapala, was so dull. In any case I managed to get some nice fillettes in the cooler. I knew I had enough for 6-8 people. After arriving & anchoring, with a lot of other boats in Chamela, I put a call on the radio that I had fresh dorado to share if someone wanted to cook, & supply the side dishes. Baring this I was going ashore to a restaurant with the fish to trade, if they were to prepare it & supply the drinks. However a few minutes later I got a call back from Marcus & Cyndi on s/v Rebecca, they had just anchored & thought it to be a great idea. We set a time & Caesar & I got in the kayak & pedaled across to their boat, nobody else had responded, so we cooked it all & shared in the leftovers. We had a great evening & soon C & I headed back to Toloache. We were underway early in the morning on New Year’s eve heading for Caustecomate (hidden anchorage), & to rendezvous with Dave on Falcon & Jim on Anne Marie. During the day we had following seas, & the dinghy surfed down swells in the 5’ range, sometimes were hitting 9 kts.  We arrived at 1300 & dropped the hook. We got settled in cleaned up, shaved, & early evening we went into the town of Melaque, about 2 kms away for the evening. It was now starting to rain, & did so for much of the evening & most of New Years day. On New years day we decided to take the cab into Barra Navidad for the 3 of us, at a cost of only 100 pesos. We went to the cruiser hangout for lunch before heading back, stopping for ice Jim & I & milk for Dave. I had a small pork loin in the cooler so we decided to put some stuff together & eat supper on Dave’s boat. After a nice evening  Jim & I headed back to our respective boats for a neaded rest from the last 2 busy days.

This afternoon, Jim & I will snorkel the reef close by, he wants to try his new underwater camera. We did &  the snorkeling was great. We got back aboard the boats, shortly thereafter some huge squalls came by, boats dragged at anchor, broke my stern anchor line, but the bow anchor held, I had a lot of chain out. May head to the anchorage at Barra Navidad tomorrow. will update.


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