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Chickens etc

Chickens, Dolphins & Dinghy’s
September 17 2012
One of the first things Caesar discovered upon arrival was there were chickens. What the heck are those noisy 2 legged animals that squawk or crow? He has now figured it is just Mexico & runs with it. Then on yesterday afternoon’s dinghy ride he spotted dolphin. Coye was at the helm, he was sitting up on the tube, with her frustrated at his perch. I had a good hold of him but he is also very stable now & seems to hang on somehow. He was sure though if dolphin could survive in & out of the water he should be able to also. They were definitely something he needed to talk to, & did. Then they went away. He watched & watched & of course they resurfaced many times, 5 or 6 of them. He just had a blast, dingy rides are now high on his list as well as ours.
Yesterday of course was Mexican Independence day so we went out the night before & had one of their special dinners, Chiles Nogada. They are green chiles stuffed, then topped with a sweet white sauce, with pomegranates over the top. Green white & red for Mexico, weren’t sure how we would like them but they were delicious. But then the tequila, free shooters, oh no, but we had to do it. Yesterday morning was the parade starting at 0830, we got to stand on the balcony of the old Los Arcos hotel, as we met a Mexican lady that sits on the board of directors for the hotel. The parade was about 2 hours long with lots of marching school kids all in their uniforms, then the military, red cross & horses. Sunday afternoon, was time to go to the beach along with the rest of La Paz. Actually where we went to was out near the San Lorenzo channel & there weren’t that many people. They had a band & buffet & of course more cervesa & marguarita’s. A pleasant afternoon.
I started this about 0700 this morning, now it is about 1930 in the evening, up top & I have a flashlite on the keyboard, the little 12v lite hasn’t appeared yet. In any case, still picture issues will keep working on that. Need some more size reduction or some more band width.
The electrician came today & says the motor is out for the windlass, hopefully just brushes. I returned the $200 dollar control box today, may have more results tomorrow. Our propane box is ready for the finishing touches. Maybe next week we’ll have a working stove again.
Maybe next time we’ll have some pictures to make what’s happening a little more interesting.
Keep your coments coming. dt


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Well from the internet cafe the last 2 updates didn’t get posted, not sure why, probably operator error but I can’t imagine that. In any case after 3 weeks of trying & having telcel tell me that I had to have an fm-2 or an fm-3 in order to get a 10 gig access to the internet on credit with a Banda Ancha card, I got it yesterday from telcel. It just wouldn’t work, then somebody said, you could get the card, just not the internet. Ha I fooled them I went back today & they then told me I needed to load in the sim card into the usb drive, it works!
We’ve been busy doing a lot of lazing, got the dingy in & started for the first time in years, & it fired right up. Glad I had the forsight to drain the tank & run the carb dry after the last use. Now just a new battery & fresh fuel & we were off. Caesar had his first boat ride & thinks its even better than the quad. We now need to get him a less cumbersome life vest, this one is a little overkill. He has been in the water a few times & accidently up to his neck, loving it. We did have to take him to the vet here for an ear infection last week, including meds, ear wash, doctor visit & the free follow up today, total cost 390 pesos, about $30. And we were impressed with the experience. He was shaking when we went in but was as happy & calm as a lamb coming out, they were very comforting for him.
Boat repairs are progressing at $20-$50 per day depending on the job. Rails are being done now, that is the $20 per day job. We still have a windlass problem & that will be the other variety, but hopefully less than a day. Also a new propane locker. We still need to get hauled, painted & a check on the cutlass bearing, hopefully within the next 10 days.
Weather has been hot & humid. Hasn’t rained here in the last 3 years, now we have been getting 1/2-1 inch of rain every day or 2nd day. It only cools for a few minutes while it happens then hot again. Not quite as hot as Bullhead as we have been able to get out in the evenings on the bridge or aft deck for cocktails.
Hopefully now with internet on the boat, will be able to update a little more often & give you some more pics & detail. By the way if you respond to any of these it only gives the name you give it, no e address or anything so if only using a first name, or name & initial I can’t always guess whom the response was from. Love hearing all your comments, we are having a blast.
And by the way this weekend they have 3,000,000 peso fishing tournament, Mexican Independance Day is Sunday, & there is a big boxing match Saturday night. Parade Sunday starting just by the Marina at 0830, will be crazy. Enjoy till next time.

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Red Tape

ImageWell I see I had 2 posts the last time but the picture didn’t get uploaded. I gave up trying after 25 minutes, today it took about 5 seconds. Spent about 2 hours yesterday at the TelCel office & surprise, we don’t have any credit here. It seems can’t get monthly internet without an FM-3. I am not sure now but I think we managed to get something, they are to call me next Wednesday with the results, have been all the way from $1000-$3500 peso deposit, not sure what we’ll end up with so its back to the internet cafe. Fortunately its only about 1 and half blocks away.

Lots of boat projects being done, ranges in cost from a high of $50 per day to a low of $20 per day. Coye has decided that if someone wants to strip all the varnish off the rails & redo them for the low rate in 90 degrees with 70 plus humidity they are welcome to do so. It will probably take him about 2 weeks. The engine has a lot of new parts, gaskets filters etc. & is running well. The only downside is the teak decks are not saveable. To renew only the lower part which is only half is $11000 us dollars. Now looking at other options allthough we really liked the teak.

Cloudy here today so not quite so hot, still humid though. I think it has rained almost every afternoon, which is kind of nice, a result of the huricane which went past off the coast of Baja.

The next project is to get skype up & running. I do have facetime on my ipad so have yet to try that also. I will end today by trying to load some photos of the view we have from the boat, & by the way Caesar is really starting to like the ocean, went in to his belly today & then sat down. He loves to chase the waves if any come in. He was a mess by the time we got home with dirt & sand.

Trying to upload a pic again but no luck again will try again next time. bye

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